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Along the coastline of Canada & New England is where the deep-blue sea meets rich autumn hues. Witness the changing fall foliage, one of nature's amazing spectacles. For entrepreneurs from various backgrounds, Canada provides a special mix of a strong economy, a high standard of living, and many opportunity to expand and diversify their enterprises and investments.

Citizenship by Investment

Investors can continue to use their present passports because Canada accepts dual citizenship. Following are the key advantages of the Canadian Citizenship by Investment Program:

  •       → Within four months, quick processing.
  •       → Children under 30 who are reliant on the primary applicant or kids who are physically or mentally ill but live with and are entirely supported by them.
  •       → Parents who are in need are included.inclusion of the primary applicant's brother who is at least 18 years old, single, and without children.
  •       → There is no need for a real residence.
  •       → There isn't any need to visit Canada when applying.
  •       → There is no requirement for a management interview, education, or background.
  •       → Travel to more than 125 nations without a visa, including the Schengen region of Europe.
  •       → Canadian people are now able to live and run a sizable business in the U.S. because to the E-2 Visa Program that was agreed between the two countries.
  •       → On a global basis, there is no tax.


In accordance with the Canada Citizenship by Investment Act's rules, the Canada Citizenship by Investment Program was established in 2013. In accordance with Canada's pilot program, eligible investors and their family members are eligible to apply for citizenship and have access to visa-free travel.

The top industry for foreign direct investments in Canada during the past few years is now tourism. Offshore finance is a growing service sector that, together with manufacturing and construction's impressive results, has helped to increase the country's production.

The Canadian government is closely collaborating with a small number of companies in the tourism, agricultural, and industrial sectors as part of its goal to draw foreign direct investment. The government also wants to develop investment possibilities through the program's execution that will lead to long-term job growth.

To be eligible for citizenship, candidates must meet the following requirements in addition to one of the investment choices listed below:

  •       → Possess exemplary character.
  •       → Possess no criminal history.
  •       → Be in great health.
  •       → Be very wealthy personally.

To obtain second citizenship that meets your needs and aspirations, submit an application with us.

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