We Are Serious About Security

At West Fort Bank, we take security seriously. We go above and above to give our members the greatest possible experience, making use of a specialized security team tasked with guarding against, identifying, and reducing risks to our application.
A primary priority is information security. RAHWAY insures deposits up to $450 million. Additionally, we make a lot of effort to preserve your data and money by employing encryption and other security measures.

A Group of Experts

Our security team stays up to date on the most recent developments in security technology by hiring leaders in the field, attending conferences, and participating in knowledge-sharing sessions.

Superior Frameworks

West Fort runs a structured Security program with policies and procedures based on industry-standard frameworks to uphold our members' trust and safeguard their private information.

No matter where you are in life, switching to a digital bank, putting your financial plan into action, and carefully investing your assets can all help you achieve your long-term financial objectives.

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