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Grenada has one of the most stunning coastlines in the entire Caribbean and is frequently referred to as the "Spice Island" due to its numerous locally cultivated spices. One of the numerous benefits of visiting the three stunning major islands is the breathtaking landscape. Grenada has solidified its reputation as the ideal location for many high net worth investors because to its diving, sailing, top-notch restaurants, gorgeous beaches, and an event calendar filled with unique celebrations.

Citizenship by Investment

Due to Grenada's recognition of dual citizenship, investors can continue to use their present passports. The following are the primary advantages provided by the Grenadian Citizenship by Investment Program:

  •       → A quick turnaround of four months.
  •       → Inclusion of dependent kids under 30 or kids with disabilities who live with and are supported totally by the primary applicant.
  •       → Inclusion of parents who are dependant.Include a sibling of the primary candidate who is single, at least 18 years old, and without children.
  •       → Physical residency is not necessary.
  •       → There is no need to visit Grenada when submitting an application.
  •       → There is no need for an interview, a degree, or managerial experience.
  •       → Visa-free travel is available to approximately 125 nations, including the Schengen region of Europe.
  •       → Grenada and the U.S. signed the E-2 Visa Program, which permits nationals of Grenada to live and conduct a sizable company in the U.S.
  •       → There is no worldwide income tax.


Under the guidelines of the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act, the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program was established in 2013. With the help of Grenada's pilot program, eligible investors and their families may apply for citizenship and take advantage of visa-free travel.

In recent years, Grenada's top industry for foreign direct investments has been tourism. Together with excellent performances in manufacturing and construction, the offshore financial sector is a growing service sector that has also helped to increase national production.

The government of Grenada is collaborating closely with a small number of enterprises involved in tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing as part of its drive to draw foreign direct investment. The government intends to execute the initiative in order to provide investment possibilities that will result in long-term employment.

Candidates must meet the following requirements in addition to one of the investment alternatives listed below in order to be eligible for citizenship:

  •       → Possess exemplary character.
  •       → Possess no criminal history.
  •       → Be in great health.
  •       → Own a sizable personal wealth.

To obtain second citizenship that meets your needs and aspirations, submit an application with us.

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