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Dominica, often known as the Nature Island because of its pristine natural beauty, is perhaps the most beautiful island in the Caribbean and has one of the highest levels of life in the area.

Citizenship by Investment

This stunning island, which is officially known as the Commonwealth of Dominica, offers some of the greatest diving and trekking in the Caribbean as well as immaculate sandy beaches, verdant mountains, and vast expanses of untouched tropical rainforest. With the lowest crime rate in the area, Dominica has a diversified mix of English, French, African, and Carib peoples and cultures. It is also a politically and economically stable state. Dominica also acknowledges dual citizenship.

The Economic Citizenship Program grants participants a wide range of advantages:

  •       → Physical residency is not necessary.
  •       → Youngsters under 30 who are in need of support.
  •       → Inclusion of younger, unmarried daughters who are supported entirely by the principal applicant and live with them.
  •       → Grandparents who are older than 55 and have dependent parents.
  •       → There is no need for management training or experience.
  •       → Visa-free entry to more than 125 nations, including the Schengen region of Europe, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Turkey.
  •       → Non-residents pay no taxes.


In addition to fulfilling one of the investment alternatives listed below, candidates must also complete the following requirements in order to be eligible for Dominican citizenship:

  •       → Possess exemplary character.
  •       → Possess no criminal history.
  •       → Be in great health.
  •       → Have a working understanding of English.

Investment Options

  1. Government Fund Donation
    •       → Single Applicant: To be eligible, a single applicant must contribute a nonrefundable sum of $100,000 to the Government Fund.
    •       → Family Application I: (Application + spouse) The primary applicant and the applicant's spouse are eligible with a nonrefundable payment of US$175,000.
    •       → Family Application II: (Applicant + a maximum of three eligible dependents) The primary applicant and up to three dependents are eligible with a nonrefundable deposit of US$200,000. Each new dependant, other than a spouse, requires an extra $25,000 in funding.
  2. Real Estate Investment
  3. Applicants may acquire real estate in a government-approved real estate development for no less than US$200,000. The investment has to be kept up for at least three years. After five years, the property becomes eligible for citizenship if it is kept up and sold.

To obtain second citizenship that meets your needs and aspirations, submit an application with us.

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